Terms and Conditions: updated September 6, 2021

Refunds will be given up to one full week in advance of the program / class / workshop start date. Pro-rated refunds will be given with a medical certificate should a refund be approved. There will be a $15 – $25 administration charge dependent on the original fee on all refunds made to your credit card or in cheque form. Memberships for indoor playground, school walkovers, pottery studio and fitness memberships and tickets are NON- REFUNDABLE. There will be no refunds for tickets to our events. There will be no refunds after the program mid-point.
Please send a detailed email to info@gnag.ca or call us at 613-233-8713 if you would like a refund.

Summer Camps:
Refunds are available if we receive at least two week’s notice for each camp (notification falls within a standard business day – before 5 pm). Sleep-over camps require one full month’s notice. A $25.00 administration charge applies on all immediate refunds, but we can put a credit on your GNAG account at no charge (you will have 2 years to use the refund). If you wish to transfer camps the same notification time is required.

Unfortunately, some programs may be cancelled due to insufficient registration; in such cases, a full refund will be issued. We make every effort to make decisions on these programs one week prior to the start date. To avoid disappointment, register early and get your friends to join too!

Waiting Lists:
If a course in which you are interested is full, you have the option of making another course selection, or being put on a waiting list. You will have the opportunity to put your name on a waiting list while registering for camps.

Event Tickets:
Tickets for our events are non-refundable.

Privacy and Marketing Policy:
GNAG respects the right to your personal privacy. We endeavour to handle and store your personal information in a secure manner, and to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. We do not share information with other organizations, nor do we sell customer lists.
We will use your profile email to make course changes / cancellations regarding your specific registrations.
At the time of your profile creation we will ask your permission to contact you to:
– provide information for our program and marketing decisions
– communicate with you about upcoming registration / courses / promotions
– generate program attendance.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at 613-233-8713.

Taking photos and videos:
We like to take pictures of our programs in session. We like to include photos of our participants in our community guide, on our website, in social media and in promotional material. We reserve the right to use photographs and videos of our programs and special events for promotional purposes unless indicated otherwise.



Health & Safety:

When children from multiple families attend a single day camp, there is an increased risk of the COVID-19 virus coming into the camp. Children who are infected with the COVID-19 virus are more likely than adults to have a very mild infection, or to have no symptoms at all. Nevertheless, these children can still transmit the infection to other children and to adults in the camp. This means that children can bring home an infection acquired in the camp and put other persons at risk. GNAG has a screening process to help detect infections when there are symptoms, however this screening process cannot detect infected children or adults who are asymptomatic at the time of the screening.

The Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG) is dedicated to serving our community, particularly those in vulnerable populations. As a result, we have been following the available data and direction regarding COVID and the vaccination program with close attention. It is clear to us that the vaccination program and other measures such as the wearing of masks, frequent hand washing, and social distancing are critical to our recovery in the pandemic and a return to more fulsome operations.

As a result and in alignment with provincial regulations, participants in GNAG programs and events will be required to provide proof of full vaccination (including the completion of the two-week post vaccine waiting period) before entering the Glebe CC. People who do not provide proof of this status will not be able to participate in any in-person GNAG programming and events. Children who do not meet the vaccination age requirements are exempt from this requirement.

All clients/ participants will [then] need to provide proof of full vaccination (by authorized provider) and identification before they will be admitted into the Glebe Community Centre (175 Third Ave.) and the Studio (174 First Ave.). All GNAG staff, contractors and volunteers will be required to provide proof of full vaccination.

For those in our community who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons, we will consider how their individual needs can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, while continuing to protect the health and safety of all members in our community. 

Screen protocols to restrict access to those who are not well, have been recently exposed to active COVID cases or have travelled outside of Canada will continue to apply.

Please read carefully, by agreeing to this document, you will be assuming risks and waiving certain rights.

Permission to participate:
I, as the parent or legal guardian of the participant registered in this camp, confirm that this individual is a minor pursuant to the Age of Majority & accountability Act, and provide permission for them to participate in the program or activity noted in the registration.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability:
I fully understand that the program or activity in which I have enrolled the participant may involve risk, dangers, and hazards that all participants are required to assume including but not limited to some risk of personal injury caused by physical activities or other participants. Understanding this, I hereby accept on behalf of the participant all risks, dangers, and hazards as well as the possibility of personal injury or other loss resulting from the participant’s participation in this program or activity. I agree to release, waive, and discourage the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group, as well as its employees, officials, agents, and volunteers, from all liability to me, and to the participant, and to my heirs, executors and administrators, that we have, or may have in the future, for all loss or damage and from any claims or demands for such loss or damage on account of personal illness, injury, and damage including death or property loss, however caused, as a result of the participant’s participation in this program or activity.

I hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group, including but not limited to, its employees, officials, agents, volunteers and Board of Directors from any and all liability for any property damage or personal injury to any third party resulting from the participant’s participation in this program or activity. I agree with and understand the terms of the permission to participate, the assumption of risk, the waiver of liability, and the indemnification set out above. I have read and am aware of the serious risk of COVID-19 and agree to sign the additional waiver required for GNAG programs.