Tax Time: Client Access To Receipts

You can access your own receipts when you log-in to your Amilia account.

1. Go to Amilia and use your username and login.
2. You now have access to your home page.
3. Go to the Black Menu on the left.
4. Click on the Billing.
5. Choose GNAG from the Organization drop down option.
6. You may need to adjust the date filters to find what you want.
7. You will now see everything you’ve paid for divided by participant.
8. Choose the activity and click View.
9. Invoice will pop up
10. Print original.

If you would like a custom statement created, there will be a $25 fee per year per participant.

Note: A few Q4 and BC families may not see their Jan – Jun 2019 receipts. They were processed on an older platform which our clients can no longer access. Email and she can send them to you.