Tax Receipts

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Client Access To Statement

PLEASE NOTE: GNAG will be transitioning to a new registration system later this summer. If possible, please download your 2018 tax statement now to avoid any potential difficulties later. 

1. Go to and use your old username and login.
2. You now have access to your home page.
3. Click on the red Bills/Payments/Credit Notes menu bar (fifth on the left).
4. Click on the Statement.
5. You can now enter dates to refine your search or just press
the Search button.
6. You will now see everything you’ve paid for.
7. To get a statement for all your records, click Build Detailed Statement.
8. To select particular items* for your statement:
• Click the top checkmark (below “include”) to clear all checkmarks
• Then check the items you want to include
9. Click Build Detailed Statement.
10. Click Print.

Another way to view (but not print a statement) is to:

1. Select one of the two last red menu items: My Family Programs/
Courses or My Family Camps.
2. Click View Accounts.
3. Click the courses of each member of your family.
* You could select items related to a specific individual, time period, or focus (e.g., a child care statement for tax purposes).