Curated Taste in the Glebe show promises culinary delight in a safe environment

Taste in the Glebe is a high point on the local food and drink calendar, recognized throughout Ottawa as one of year’s best cocktail parties. We are more than thrilled to welcome people back to the 23rd edition of Taste in the Glebe which will take place Thursday, January 26, 2023 from 6:30–9:00 pm.

Together, we have endured Covid and we are now knee deep in flu season. That is why we have implemented a more spacious event with wider aisles allowing for a more comfortable experience for everyone.

We are blessed to be part of an inclusive community and are fully dedicated to ensure the health and safety of all our attendees.

There is even greater significance this year, given the hardship this industry specifically had to endure and how they continue to forge ahead. We are excited to have the community here to support them….Especially the generous sponsorships we have received from both Judy Faulkner Real Estate at AND McKeen Metro Glebe.

We have curated this show with restaurants, wineries, breweries and distilleries. From the cozy off the beaten track to mainstream favourites, you will find some of the greats that make Ottawa’s gourmet food and beverage scene what it is today.

Taste Admin for our guests

Taste tickets are sold out but you can be placed on a waitlist if you send in your name, email and phone # to

Going Green: Taste is making every effort to go green and create as little waste as possible. To that end we encourage all participants to use their plate and glass for the evening. We are also encouraging our participants to avoid single use plastics. #LessWasteTaste #TasteGoesGreen

Coats: We have a cloak room for your coats but not a “coat CHECK”.

Transportation: If you’re not a walkable distance, please consider taking a taxi, Uber or public transportation. We strongly discourage driving.

Feel free to contact Clare Rogers at if you have any questions

Thank you to Phil Nicholson, the beloved chair of Taste Premier in days gone by and hopefully in the future, for his generous donation of wine to the Select Wines and National Sommelier Guild tables.

Thank you to Canadian Linen for supplying the linens for the event.