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Winter at GNAG – fun & safe!

Due to the recent Provincial Announcement GNAG programs have been moved online or have had their start dates changed.


If you have any difficulties, email us at info@gnag.ca or give us a call at 613-233-8713.

ONLINE registration: Go to GNAG.ca

1. Click on the REGISTER or BROWSE button.

2. Choose a PROGRAM grouping, then search by CATEGORY.

3. Remember, GRADE refers to the grade your child is currently in.

4. Once you CHOOSE AN ACTIVITY you will be asked to log-in or create a new ADULT user profile. *NOTE: you may already have an Amilia account if you’ve recently signed up with us or at the St. James Tennis Club [for lessons], Ottawa Gymnastics or Ottawa Circus School. Please do not make a secondary account if you are unsure. Also, in one family, it is highly advisable to use one parent and their email and the log-in rather than having two head adult profiles with duplicate children.

5. Choose a PARTICIPANT from your list or ADD ANOTHER PERSON if you need to add an additional child.

6. Please do NOT add non-family members to your profile as that registrant will be in your family profile permanently.

7. Please respond to the VERIFICATION EMAIL you received upon creating your profile.

TELEPHONE registration: GNAG accepts telephone registration Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Call 613-233-8713 to register. We accept Visa and MasterCard over the phone.

WAITING LISTS: If a class in which you are interested is full, you have the option of making another selection, or being put on a waiting list on the course registration page. Participants will be contacted only if a space becomes available.

REFUNDS: Refunds will be given up to one full week in advance of the activity start date. Pro-rated refunds will be given with a medical certificate should a refund be approved. There will be a $15 – $25 administration charge (depending on the length of the course) on all refunds. Memberships for Group Fitness and all courses with Emilie Phaneuf are non-refundable. There will be NO refunds after the program mid-point. There are NO refunds on tickets to fundraising events. In the event of a temporary facility closure, some in-person classes will move online, there will be no refunds due to this change.

Contents of the Guide are subject to change.

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