Please read carefully as COVID regulations change often and there are several steps to take before attending in-person classes.

  • GNAG is requiring full mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for all eligible participants (double vaccination) 2 weeks before you attend any in-person class for the health and safety of GNAG’s employees, instructors and participants.
  • ALL In-person classes MUST be booked in advance online with your multipass or purchased as a drop-in.
  • Download instructions on how to book a class here
  • Everyone attending a Fitness/Yoga class must complete the Fitness Liability Waiver
  • Please note, masks may be removed at the start of all in-person fitness/yoga classes.
  • ALL Fitness and Yoga classes require 5 participants to run.

Download the FALL Guide here.

Fall Registration begins Aug 30 at 7 pm online.

Summer 2022 Season
July 4 – Sept 2

  • Summer 2022 Multipass $95+HST
    • Includes ONLINE and IN-PERSON classes
  • 10 tickets Multipass IN-PERSON classes only $140+HST
  • In-person drop-in $16+HST

Purchase your MULTIPASS Here

GNAGFit is now hybrid which means more options! Hybrid classes are a combination of in-person and online classes. Whether you are working out at the GCC or online from home, it’s fun, it’s safe and we are all together.

Click on the LAVENDER TEXT below to access the Zoom classes with your Fitness password that will be emailed to you. This does not happen automatically so please feel free to remind us (by email at info@gnag.ca) you have purchased your multipass, if you do so after the start date.

UPDATED Schedule July 3

July 4 – Aug 29
July 5 – Aug 30
July 6 – Aug 31
July 7 – Sept 1
July 8 – Sept 2
In-person or
Online w/ Ruth
7:45 – 8:30 am
In-person or
Online w/ Carol
7:45 – 8:30 am
Core & More
In-person or
Online w/ Gina
7:45 – 8:30 am
In-person or
Online w/ Christine
7:45 – 8:30 am
In-person or
Online w/ Vicki
7:45 – 8:30 am

If you’d like to check out a simple set of Amilia Registration guidelines, please CLICK HERE

Our online classes will be using a platform called ZOOM.  If you’d like more information or instructions on getting set up, please CLICK HERE

CSI (Cardio Strength Interval): Alternate be- tween high and low impact options of cardio and strength moves to increase strength and endur- ance. HIIT, Tabata and other forms of training may be included. Suitable for all levels; proper form emphasized.

Core & More: Back by popular demand, this Pi- lates inspired class focuses on strengthening your total core (think abs, back, hips and glutes) and incorporates specific ELDOA* spinal postures to progressively create space between the vertebral joints.

Note: Majority of class is on a mat. *ELDOA are precise postural exercises that use myofascial stretch- ing to widen the space between a chosen joint or articulation. A key goal is to improve joint mechanics.

SuperYou: Strength based class focusing on pow- er, endurance and functional fitness. Modifications provided for all abilities. Stay strong for life!

Zumba: An exhilarating workout that fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves creating a dynamic class that’s tonnes of fun!

Please note: In the event of increased OPH restrictions, our hybrid fitness classes will go online only. We encourage you to try our online format. We regret we cannot issue a refund for this change.