Grow Smart Talks: Youth Self-esteem and Body Image

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Youth Self-esteem and Body Image

With one out of five teens actively dieting and at risk of developing an eating disorder, this information night is intended primarily to educate and alert parents on the real impact that body image and societal pressures are having on youth self-esteem, and to help them prevent and/or address the issue: This session is for ADULTS ONLY.

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A FREE presentation for parents to learn more about Celebrate Every Body’s prevention program to help youth/girls develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies, and support their mental health. Presenters: Christine McPhail and Tina McInness

Christine McPhail is a Registered Dietitian with a BASc and a MSc in Applied Human Nutrition. Christine has worked in hospital and clinic settings, public health and as a university lecturer. She is the Prevention and Outreach Coordinator at Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre where she delivers Celebrate EveryBody, an eating disorder prevention program and she also runs her private practice Christine McPhail Nutrition, where she provides one-on-one nutrition counselling services to those wanting to improve their relationship with food and their body. Her approach is informed by the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES) and the Non-Diet approach and she is passionate about helping people find food, body and ultimately self acceptance.

Tina McInnes is a retired physician who has turned her life’s work toward public awareness and engagement in physical fitness, good nutrition and a positive mindset as the primary determinants of good health. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she works directly with individual clients and families to provide working solutions for incorporating fitness and better nutrition into their busy lives. As part of her experiences working with female clients of all ages, she has become acutely aware of how prevalent low self-esteem and negative body image are among women and girls, and the impact this has on every aspect of their lives; from the quality of their relationships, their mental health, their participation in sport and even their career aspirations. Tina has committed to volunteering her time to lead a community initiative to address these issues. In conjunction with Hopewell Centre, she will lead a series of workshops geared toward girls aged 10-13 and their mothers. The hope is to engage women and girls in a discussion of appearance ideals, and to give them the skills and confidence to confront social pressures to conform to unattainable and arbitrary definitions of beauty, and to define and value non-physical attributes in themselves and others.  She hopes to help women build self-esteem, emotional resiliency, and body confidence as these are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

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