FAQs for Covid-19 and illness for participants in GNAG programs

Please refer to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Ottawa Public Health for additional information and updates on public health measures, and additional COVID-19 updates.  

What happens if a GNAG participant tests positive? 

Please email info@gnag.ca to let us know that you or your child will be absent from a GNAG program. For childcare please email attendance@gnag.ca. Ensure you follow public health requirements, including isolating yourself or your child at home until their symptoms have been improving for 24 hours; 48 hours if gastro symptoms. 

When can a participant return to GNAG?

Participants can return to GNAG activities and end isolation when: 

  • Symptoms have been improving for at least 24 hours (or 48 if gastro symptoms).

Further Information:

  • For a total of 10 days after the start of symptoms or positive test, everyone above the age of 2 years (24 months) should wear a mask during their GNAG programming. This is a simple and effective way to protect those around you.
  • If a participant is exhibiting worsening symptoms while attending a GNAG program they will be sent home. 

 Do I need a negative test to return to GNAG?

Ottawa Public Health does not recommend testing after finishing isolation unless new symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 develop. Some individuals can test positive for weeks after the virus; we do not require a negative test to return to a program after isolation. 

Can a member of the same household as an individual with a current illness, including COVID-19 attend a GNAG program? 

Yes, if you have a child without any symptoms and who is not testing positive for COVID-19 they can continue to attend programming. Should they later develop symptoms they will need to stay home and follow self-isolation instructions. 

Sorry, I am still confused if I need to isolate?

For adults, take the Self Assessment Screener available through the Ministry. 

For children and youth, take the the school and child care screener  

Vaccines & boosters? 

Vaccinations are our strongest defense against COVID-19. We recommend continuing to stay up to date on your vaccines and boosters. Proof of vaccination is no longer required to attend GNAG programs. 

Will I receive a refund?

As a non-profit organization trying to recover from the pandemic we will not be offering refunds for COVID-19. Unless there is some extenuating circumstance, in that case please e-mail info@gnag.ca


In all cases, we advise you to follow directives on the Ottawa Public Health site- https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/novel-coronavirus.aspx 


For the most up to date information please refer to the Province of Ontario’s Covid-19 Website.