We know you’ve got lots of questions about how GNAG is dealing with COVID-19 and we’re going to be updating things as often as possible.

Please expand the options below.

Dear GNAG Families,

As you all know the City if Ottawa is working very closely with the Ministry of Health, Health Canada, Ottawa Public Health and the World Health Organization to manage the spread of COVID-19 virus in Ottawa.

Yesterday, the Ontario Government announced that all publicly funded Ontario elementary and secondary schools will close for two weeks after March break. The health and safety of our staff and our community is a priority and in light of that, GNAG has decided to reduce the risk of exposure by cancelling all programs effective Saturday, March 14 –  until further notice.

The Glebe Community Centre will be closed Monday, March 16 – Sunday, April 5.

We continue to remind all staff and clients that if you are showing any signs or symptoms of the virus to please stay at home. If you are feeling ill with fever, cough or difficulty breathing, self-isolate from others and follow up with your health care provider.

Public officials are recommending you do NOT travel unless absolutely necessary. If you are returning from travel outside of Canada, we strongly encourage you to self-isolate for 14 days.

We know there will be lots of questions regarding the status of your programs and childcare. Our immediate goal is to address the health and safety of our community. As more information unfolds, we will be in contact with you on our next steps including course make-up, online course options, credit-on-account and refunds. We ask that you be patient as we work through this challenging time. More information will be sent to you.

Reducing the spread – what you can do

There are everyday actions that everyone can do to help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses. Take these everyday steps to reduce exposure to the virus and protect your health:

  • wash your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • sneeze and cough into your sleeve
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • avoid contact with people who are sick
  • stay home if you are sick
  • practice social distancing


Entering City facilities

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, refrain from visiting all City facilities and contact Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 or Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744. Do not call 911 unless it is an emergency.

COVID-19 Assessment Centre

The city has opened a  COVID-19 Community Assessment Centre at the arena at Brewer Park (the rink). .

Learn about the travel risks outside of Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/publichealth/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html#ath

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Mary Tsai
Executive Director, GNAG

We hope you are all keeping well and safe, practicing social distancing and washing your hands. 😉

We hope these online classes help with this time of isolation.

DONATE: If you’d like to donate to help keep GNAG’s online classes going, please click this link. 

Most of our classes will be on a platform called ZOOM but we will still have some fun stuff on our Facebook page. Here’s some guidelines for our purposes.

  • Zoom works on both PCs and Apple products so that is one hurdle solved. 
  • It allows you to see and hear the instructor live.
  • You need to have speakers on your device to hear the instructor. 
  • Speakers may be integrated as they are in a laptop or tablet or on the monitor with a desktop, or separate as an accessory.
  • You have the option of letting other participants see and hear you.
    • You need a camera on your device if you choose to let people see you.
    • You need a mic on your device if you choose to let people hear you.
  • You need to be able to see the screen easily whilst exercising or participating so you don’t get a neck injury trying to see Ruth or Mary while doing a squat. 😉

How to access the classes:

  1. Scroll down to the class of your choice
  2. Click on the lavender ZOOM link
  3. Click OK to download zoom.us
  4. Allow Video (if you wish to be seen)
  5. Allow Audio (if you wish you wish to be heard)
    Allowing audio and video will make the experience more social. 🤝

Internet lag: You may experience an internet lag, please just be patient and hang in there.

If you’re unsure how this will work, we have created a doc to help you with the step by step process. Click here for more complete instructions.

PRESCHOOL CLASSES weekdays at 10:30 am March 24 – April 3

Circle time with Jason and Friends, special Wednesday class – Music with Maya
Click on this link to join our LIVE daily Zoom PRESCHOOL class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).


Boredom Busters at 2:00 pm March 24 – April 3
Click on this link to join our daily LIVE Zoom KIDS’ class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).
Tuesday: Trivia
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Trivia
Friday: Captain Pauliester’s Treasure Hunt

Watercolour with Yulia Lisitsyna – Beginner level (for kids but anyone can tune in)
Monday, March 30 and April 6 at 1 pm
Click on this link  
to join the LIVE Zoom class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).

Family Yoga
Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 pm March 31 – April 16
Click on this link
to join the LIVE Zoom class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).

Weekly LEGO challenge hosted by Jason Irvine. Every Monday Jason will post a new challenge. Go to our Facebook page for the full challenge description and email an image of your LEGO masterpiece to Jason@gnag.ca and you could win!

Live Stream Coding lessons hosted by Andrew of Chromeworks on Youtube, Mondays at 10 am

With millions of children stuck at home for weeks or longer, there’s no better time for your kids to learn coding, a vital 21st Century skill that’s been ignored in too many Ontario classrooms. Weekdays at 10 am, Chromeworks will be starting daily YouTube livestreams, where we’ll be teaching kids how to code using MIT’s Scratch software. Our program is aimed at kids 8 and up, but anyone can join.

Go to chromeworks.ca/elearning and click on the Join Live Stream button.

Story time and Mindful Moment for Kids with Amanda De Grace of Little Lotus Yoga Recorded class so you can access this at any time.

Story time and Mindful Moment for Kids with Amanda De Grace of Little Lotus Yoga Recorded class so you can access this at any time.


Fitness Strength and Stretch
Tuesday – Friday 9:30 am March 24 – April 3:
with Mary or Ruth
Click on this link
to join the LIVE Zoom class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).

Fitness Strength and Stretch
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12:00 pm March 30 – April 19
(No Easter)
Click on this link to join the LIVE Zoom class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).

Family Yoga
Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 pm March 31 – April 16
Click on this link
to join the LIVE Zoom class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).

Prenatal Yoga with Alissa Sylvester
Monday at 2:00 pm March 30
Click on this link
to join the LIVE Zoom class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).

Yoga at 7 pm March 30 – April 15 (no Easter)
Monday – Hatha and Wednesday – Yin
Click on this link
to join the LIVE Zoom class. (Allow audio and video to participate fully).

Prenatal Yoga with Amanda De Grace of Little Lotus Yoga Recorded class so you can access this at any time.

Gentle Hatha Yoga with Amanda De Grace of Little Lotus Yoga Recorded class so you can access this at any time.

Please support us as we work to support you

The Covid-19 outbreak is affecting us all. It is challenging us to find ways to stay safe and support each other. At GNAG, we are exploring new ways to deliver live online community programs using platforms such as Facebook Live and ZOOM. Our goal is to provide a full range of programs, from preschool circle time to health and wellness, dance, writing, painting, craft and music classes.

Thanks to your generous support of past fundraising efforts, GNAG is able to offer limited support to our staff and contractors at this time. For that we are grateful.

Now we need your support to keep our community activities alive when they’re needed most. Please help us continue online programming that provides essential opportunities for your friends and neighbours of all ages to engage while in isolation. Your support will also create vital work opportunities for our staff and contractors, some of whom are currently not eligible for employment insurance.

GNAG has been functioning as a not-for-profit in the Glebe for more than 45 years and has reinvested all revenues to create better programs. We deliver those programs at cost whenever possible to keep fees affordable.

We hope we can count on your community support during these trying times. You can opt to forgo credits or refunds by emailing us at info@gnag.ca or DONATE AT THIS LINK. 

Thank you.

This is an initial list of restaurants and food outlets in the Glebe—including a few additional long-time outside supporters of the Glebe—that are offering some form of takeout options. We will update as we get more information.

  • Note that hours and menus may be limited, but great options remain.
  • Please enquire about payment methods available, drop in or online ordering options, and delivery services available.

These wonderful members of our community are there for us in very challenging times; let’s be there for them. Please also consider purchasing a gift certificate, which will provide immediate cash, while preparing for a lovely celebration when we all get through this. 

J. Phillip Nicholson

SPECIAL: Erlings Variety: 225 Strathcona, 613-231-8484 – No commercial takeout, but–within Erling’s means–foods prepared and donated for those laid off or facing heavy hardship because of the Coronavirus. Leave a message for Liam. Now is not the time to be hesitant, but instead to let us work together, and feel good about our community.

WINE AGENTS/BREWERS offering delivery

Emma McKeen of Bespoke Wine: 647-960-2076 emma@bespokewineandspirits.com (5% discount)

Patty’s Pub: 1186 Bank St, 613-730-2434 – Call for growlers, cans of beer and even kegs Thursday – Saturday

Sarah Little of FWM Wine and Spirits, and Henry of Pelham: 613-286-5290 sarah.little@fwmcanada.com (special selections)

GROCERS offering takeout

Cedar’s (Old Ottawa South): 1255 Bank St, 613-288-2797 – Grocery open; call or drop-in for Shawarma takeout.

Glebe Meat Market: 869 Bank St, 613-235-9595 – Meat Market fully open

Metro Mckeen: 754 Bank St, 613-232-9466 – Fully open: grocery and takeout open, online orders available 

Nicastro’s: 792 Bank St, 613237-3209 – Fully open: produce, deli and takeout, delivery available

RESTAURANTS & CATERERS offering takeout

Absinthe Café: 1208 Wellington St W, 613-761-1138 Call for takeout. Text 613-867-3155 Menu at www.absinthecsafe.ca.

Anthony’s on Bank: 753 Bank, 613-695-9669 – Call for takeout.

Chickpeas: 931 Bank St, 613-789-8998 – Call or drop-in for takeout, delivery available

Eddy’s Diner: 777 Bank St, 613-565-7499 – Call or drop-in for takeout.

Eldon’s: 775 Bank St, 613-565-0101 – Call or drop-in for takeout.

Flipper’s Seafood: 819 Bank St. 613-232-2703 – Takeout coming soon – call to enquire.

Fraser Cafe: 7 Springfield Road, 613-749-1444  Special family takeout dinners two nights per week: call or go online at https://frasercafe.ca/family-meal-take-away/

Irene’s Pub Restaurant: 885 Bank Street 613-230-4474 – Call for evening takeout

Jericho: 840 Bank St, 613-235-1289 – Call or drop-in for takeout.

Kettleman’s Bagels: 912 Bank St, 613-567-7100 – Open for Takeout

Last Train to Delhi: 103 Fourth Ave, 613-882-0055 – Call for takeout

Les Fougères: 783 Route 105 Chelsea, 819-827-8942 – Store open for Fresh or Frozen takeout meals. Go for a ski in the Gatineau (trail fees are waived) and stop in for some easy dinner takeout.

Light of India: 730 Bank St, 613-563-4411 – Call or drop-in for takeout.

Mad Radish: 859 Bank St, 613-421-4564 – Takeout order online and pick up

North & Navy: 226 Nepean (West of Bank but opening on Bank St soon), 613-232-6289 – Call or drop-in for takeout meals, delivery available.

Oat Couture Oatmeal Café: 1154 Bank St, 613-737-6654 – Takeout, Delivery, Curb-side Pick-up

Orto Trattoria: 15 C Second Avenue, 613-244-6786 – Call for takeout meals or order online https://www.orto.ca/menu

Patty’s Pub: 1186 Bank St, 613-730-2434 – Call for takeout Thursday – Saturday

Pelican Seafood: 1500 Bank (in Blue Heron Mall), 613-526-5229 – Seafood Market open, Takeout available online

Red Apron: 564 Gladstone, 613-695-0417 – Store open for Fresh or Frozen takeout meals.

Second Avenue Sweets: 151A Second Ave, 613-233-7277 – Bakery and frozen meals. Tues – Thurs, 11 am – 4 pm

SEN Asian Cusine: 200 Marché Way (Lansdowne), 613-232-0111 – Call or email info@senlansdowne.ca for takeout orders, delivery available.

Taj Mahal: 925 Bank, 613-234-1280 – Call for takeout.

Talay Thai: 511 Bank St,  613-238-2529  Open for take out and delivery www.talaythai.ca.

Thanjai: 108 Third Ave, 613-695-1969 – Call for takeout

Von’s Bistro: 817 Bank St, 613-233-3277 – Call or drop-in for takeout.

Wild Oat: 817 Bank St, 613-232-6232 – Bakery and Takeout Open.


Bread in a Bag: What could be more fun and rewarding than making bread? This fantastic website has got some super ideas and we thought this one was perfect for a quiet day at home with your kids.

Wacky Cake: A fun cake you make in the pan with no eggs, no dairy but lots of fun.

Lemon Yogurt Muffins and Best Ever Banana Muffins  – they really are!

Quick Word Game for all Ages


Use your own brain power. 🤔 Think of something that starts with the first letter of your LAST name. If you’re all in the same family, try the first letter of your first name or the first letter of your middle name. NO switching back and forth!




Epic – digital library for kids – Free 30 day trial
Peaches the Mouse sewing activity
Free Drawing Classes
Paper Crafts  – Krokotak
Easy Kid Recipes – Tasty
Origami – Spruce Crafts
Easy Paper Crafts


National Film Board: 4000 titles to stream for free
TFO: Television Français Ontario
National Geographic for Kids
Story Line – books read by celebs
Cosmic Kids Yoga
Just Dance
Go Noodle Active Games and Fun
Indoor Games from Fatherly.com
Indoor Games from Today’s Parent
Making a Blanket Fort – who knew you need instructions so let’s think of this as inspiration!
Building a blanket fort from Buzzfeed
Building a blanket fort from Pretty Providence
Building a blanket fort from Wikihow
Indoor Activities from Mommy Poppins
More activities from Today’s Parent

National Film Board: 4000 titles to stream for free

Canada Performs: Free live concerts by Canadian artists on Facebook Live.

Metropolitan Opera offering free live streaming of the Encore series

Feature Films: Free movies, free download

Open Library: maybe you don’t have two shelves of books waiting to be read

Live Music: there’s a bunch here you might not be familiar with – try them out!

Berlin Philharmonic

450 Ivy League Courses: for FREE, really!

Museums – Virtual Tours

Natasha & Pierre, King Lear with Anthony Hopkins, Much Ado about Nothing with Tennant

Neighbourhood Treasure Hunt: Just put the items in the list in your window on the appropriate date and let the fun begin. Take your kids out and see how many you can find, check out the variations, homemade or store bought? If you can’t go on a hunt, you can help out by displaying one of the “treasures”.

March 20: Silly Faces 😜
March 21: Mismatched socks 🧦
March 23: Animals 🐕
March 26: Encouraging Words 💯
March 29: Flowers 💐
April 1: Jokes 😂
April 4: Easter Eggs 🗿🥚

Would you like to be involved in a community help group crossing the bridge between our two neighbourhoods?

Check out this link and sign up to help.