About the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group

Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG) is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit community group located in the Glebe Community Centre in the heart of the Glebe (Ottawa). Read more about our history.

Our Mission: GNAG works to enrich our community by delivering recreational, cultural and social activities and services.

We believe…

  • in creative and innovative programming, activities and events that keep up with trends and demographic changes.
  • in the inclusion of all in safe and supportive surroundings.
  • in the importance of having a rich recreational environment within the community.
  • in serving the community with compassion, caring and commitment through a hands-on approach.
  • in engaging highly competent, experienced and friendly staff alongside dedicated volunteers.

  • community is stronger when its members care for each other, participate and contribute, share their skills and talents and celebrate together.

Board of Directors

GNAG is a not-for-profit organisation that is managed by an independent Board comprising people who live and work in our area. Daily management of GNAGis the responsibility of employed staff, assisted by a team of dedicated volunteers.  Click here to access our board governance page, including minutes and our constitution.

Elected Board Members (voting): 

Chair: Elspeth Tory
Vice Chair: Liz Izaguirre
Treasurer: Christine McAllister
Secretary: Pascale Pergant
Board members: Kellylee Evans, Rebecca McKeen, Christopher Griffin, Kate McCartney, Deborah Sarmento, Julie Lafrance, Sarah Wilson, Geoff Gross, Sheri Segal Glick and James Meloche

Other Board Members (non-voting)

Executive Director: Sarah Routliffe
City of Ottawa Councillor, Capital Ward: Shawn Menard
City of Ottawa, Centre Director: Mona Warkentin


We offer a wide range of programs and services for all members of our community.

Our facilities can be accessed by people of all abilities.

These include:

Camps, PA Days and Childcare
Arts & Culture
Sports & Fitness
General interest classes

Ready to sign up for one of GNAG’s activities?