We are offering some samplings of our amazing programs and workshops. Click on the links below to see what’s on offer and what’s to come.

If you’d like more info please contact us at info@gnag.ca or 613-233-8713.

Fitness Classes
If you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit to our GNAG Fit Membership, try these two classes for FREE. Registration in our Spring GNAG Fit program is ongoing and the new session starts April 2. Register here at

Total Muscle Conditioning with Carol Morgan

Cardio Strength Interval with Ruth Hartanto

Wellness Workshops
by Dr. Kutney of Natural Sole Wellness Centre

Working From Home & Spinal Pain Prevention

Daily Life Injury Prevention (vacuuming, lifting groceries, shoveling, gardening, etc)

Osteoarthritis & Joint Health

Osteoporosis & Bone Health