GNAG understands how important it is to find the right blend of online, in-person and on-demand fitness classes encompassing core, strength and cardio exercises to provide you with the best results. We offer a wide range of classes geared to fit all levels with a focus to get you in shape, stay active and improve your health. Programs are led by a team of top quality, energetic and passionate instructors. Come try us out and feel the difference!
Sorry, there is no senior’s discount this year.

Download the Spring Guide – updated Mar 17

You need to purchase a Multipass to attend our Fitness classes.

  • Everyone must complete the Liability Waiver online before attending any classes online or in-person. This needs to be done once per registration. Here is the link. (Use your mouse to sign or use a stylus if you have one.)  https://activitymessenger.com/p/9Yb9p1d
  • Once you purchase the Multipass, you’ll receive a password to access our Zoom classes which are linked on this page.
  • We’ll also send you the link to our YouTube classes.
  • You can use the Multipass to book your IN-PERSON classes in advance. This is necessary because with our Covid protocols, we need to know in advance who is entering the Glebe CC and ensure you complete a Daily Health Screening for Adults form prior to entry. You can only book one week in advance.
  • The link to the Daily Health Screening can also be found on the home page on the Main Menu.

Just a reminder, there is NO in-person registration. Registration takes place online or over the phone only. Only registered participants will be allowed into the centre for their registered class.

Check out our Spring Fitness line-up.
Note: IN-PERSON CLASSES have been paused. Fitness members must book their class and sign a Daily Health Screening before entering the building.


BodyMoves: Explore movement of your body through a fusion of strength and stretch based exercises. IN-PERSON in the Main Hall. Pre-booking required.

BodyTone: A Barre inspired class focusing on functional movements, full range of motion and body alignment. Improve muscle tone through continued practice and progression.

CSC (Cardio Strength Combo): Treat your fitness taste buds to a platter of choreography, intervals and everything in between.

Fit and Strong!: Low impact cardio with strength and balance training for a full body workout. Suitable for older adults and includes chair options for those with mobility issues. IN-PERSON in the Main Hall. Pre-booking required.

HIRT30: 30 mins of Hitting It (YOUR) Hard of High Intensity Resistance Training, followed by 15 mins of stretching so you’re ready for whatever the day brings. Options provided for all levels of fitness, we pinky swear!

Movement is Medicine: Work on muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints to enable ease of movement and range of motion as well as proper posture and spinal alignment.

TMC (Total Muscle Conditioning): A dynamic whole body muscle conditioning class. Be prepared to work out and stretch out!

Yoga Strength: A vinyasa based class to build overall strength and cardio vascular endurance while exploring postures and discovering strength.

Please note: Some of our classes are intended to be held IN-PERSON, however, in the event of increased OPH restrictions leading to the temporary closure of the facility, the class may be moved to an online format. We will not be able to issue refunds to participants who do not wish to continue with the online format.