Dear GNAG Community,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Many of you have been inquiring after the wellbeing of GNAG and its amazing staff. Thank you. We appreciate your concern and support.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on every single one of us, and GNAG is no exception.  As you will know, the City of Ottawa has shut the community centre until at least June 30th. And, in adherence to the directives of Ottawa Health, GNAG has suspended in-person operations.

As a result, GNAG has had to reduce its staff to its core team of managers and program coordinators.  Our extended family of part-time and contract staff are getting by with support from EI and the Canadian Emergency Relief Benefits, but many are offering direct online services and we encourage you to reach out to them directly.

The core team, meanwhile, have been busy creating online programming and other opportunities to keep the GNAG community connected, entertained, and healthy.  Please visit to view and sign up for these exciting new programs. These courses are being offered using a pay-what-you-can model.  If you feel your household is benefitting from these offerings, we hope you will consider donating to the effort!  

The many unknowns of this pandemic make future planning particularly challenging. With a combination of reduced hours and financial assistance from the federal government, GNAG can continue operations with core staff until early fall.  This team will continue to offer online programming and will facilitate a quick return to in-person operations as soon as government regulations and our ability to ensure the safety of our clients and staff allow.

As an independent Not-for-Profit organization, GNAG has limited financial reserves to fall back on. As such, if current health guidelines continue past September, in the absence of additional federal subsidies, GNAG may need to go into hibernation. However, on behalf of the GNAG Staff and Board of Directors, let us assure you that we will be back. 

If the organization does come to a hard stop, we will necessarily be slower to get programming back up and running. We will also be faced with limitations in our ability to provide critical subsidies and special needs support. In this case, GNAG hopes that it can look to the support of the community to help bridge our organization through the start-up period. We will reach out again should this assistance become necessary.

Keep well. And, as always, thank you for your generosity, support and understanding.

The GNAG Board of Directors